Bill C-65 Prevention of Harassment and Violence in the Workplace.

What does this new bill mean for your organization?

This one-day workshop has been designed to bring awareness and develop a common understanding of what harassment and violence in the workplace is and what actions to take when it occurs.


It will include information on the new Canada Labour Code health and safety provisions on harassment and violence in the workplace. Examine the roles and responsibilities of the organization, union,  and individual.


At the conclusion of the workshop, you will have a greater understanding of the actions and behaviors that may constitute harassment and violence in the workplace.  You will be able to make the changes necessary within yourself and the working environment to provide every employee the opportunity to work in a healthy respectful workplace.

Key aspect from the new Bill C-65

  • Workplace assessments and prevention policies are mandatory and must be updated.

  • Harassment training is mandatory for all employees

  • Reporting requirements, summary, and final

  • Both the complainant and respondent have the right to representation in the contest of any occurrence.