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Pinnacle Mediation

Working with you to resolve conflict at work, in your personal life or in your community. We use collaborative mediation process to preserve trust, relationships and confidence.


About Jeannette


Jeannette has been a Chartered mediator for over 13 years. 

Jeannette's strengths are in building conflict-competent organizations.

Jeannette's expertise is in the field of workplace mediation and conflict resolution skill development through coaching facilitated discussions, and workshops. Changing corporate culture through an understanding of the collaboration process enables the individuals and workplaces to attain a conflict competent environment.

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✔ Mediation

✔ Leadership Development

✔ Corporate Training

✔ Facilitated Discussions

✔ Coaching​​



Leadership Coaching

Providing leaders with an assessment of the tools and skills required to become advanced 

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Individual Coaching

Coaching sessions are tailored to the client's needs. Individuals are coached on a one 

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Team Building

Working with teams to develop a full understanding of the challenges they are currently facing 


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