Prevention of Harassment and Violence in the Workplace - Mandatory Training

Within this full-day workshop, participants will gain an understanding of what harassment looks like. Review the terminology around violence in the workplace. Work through self-reflective activities and then a participant in an exercise taking their new knowledge and put it into practice right away.
Management and Leadership:
We have a specific workshop for management/leadership as to their accountability and expectation from this new bill.  We will provide tools and understanding to be able to respond to the staff coming to them with a complaint. We will also go through the full dy workshop in a bit of a condensed version to ensure everyone has the same understanding.

Workplace workshops

Providing full-day and half-day workshops that address communication and conflict management, along with understanding differences that each individual brings to the table and how that can be a powerful tool.  Empower employees and conversations.

Communication Basics

Conflict Styles

Communication Styles

Power of Differences

Leadership and emotional Intelligence