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Jeannette has been a Chartered mediator for over 10 years. 

Jeannette's strengths are in building conflict competent organizations.

Jeannette's expertise is in the field of workplace mediation and conflict resolution skill development through coaching, facilitated discussions, and workshops. Changing corporate culture through an understanding of the collaboration process enabling the individuals and workplaces to attain a conflict competent environment.


People are the greatest assets of any corporation. Empowering employees and conversations will be the ultimate goal. By fostering a conflict competent organization you can embrace all ideas and concerns then formulate the decisions based on all input.

  • Bill C-65 Prevention of Harassment and Violence in the Workplace workshop

  • Leadership Development

  • Corporate Training

  • Facilitated Discussions

  • Mediation​

  • Coaching​​

  • Team Development​​

  • Workplace Climate Assessments

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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